THOUGHTS: 20 Reasons Why living in a condo is Orgasmic.

1. I can eat corned beef and bacon for my breakfast, lunch and dinner without anyone telling me that it’s only for breakfast.

2. I do not have to wear towel on my way out the bathroom after taking a shower. Flaunt all I can. Nobody’s in the room.

3. I can easily plug my speakers, place the volume at 100, play an ear-poppin, booty-grindin eargasmic song. and I can dance til I drop and nobody has to see my embarrassing moves. 🙂

4. I can eat my meals sitting on the couch while watching my favorite series nonstop. – at home, my mom won’t let us eat infront of the tv.

5. I get to clean and mop the floor squeekkyy clean without having to worry that someone with filthy shoes will ruin my perfectly clean floor.

6. I get to host a party – drink, dance, talk and wander endlessly in the streets.

7. No one can tell me that I can’t wear my undies alone. that i have to put on a shirt or a short. Im wearing undies only. Period. Because I can.

8. I can watch Vampire Diaries, How I met your mother, Cougar Town, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Firl, Suits all day until the wee hours, my mom and my dad nowhere in sight to force me to sleep.

9. An easy access to KFC (which I dont eat anyway), Chowking and Starbucks with my short shorts and some random jacket.

10. Taxis everywhere. Period.

11. Walking distance to fastfood hubs, Internet shop, Parlor, Coffee, Bakeshop, Ayala, My dentist, Greenbelt. – and just about anywhere. 🙂

12. Presence of Ejeep. Free transportation. It passes right in my street.

13. I save money. I enjoy taking long walks in the evening from school to my place.

14. When I don’t feel like eating, there is no one to nag me.

15. I am 7 minutes away from greenbelt, 2 minutes walk to my dentist, and 10 minutes away from my school.

16. My commercial space. – My Doozies. – My own.

17. The overly friendly, smiley neighbors. Including the gays in the parlor.

18. I get to leave important and private valuables anywhere in the condominium. Since my sister is not there to snoop.

19. I have my own space. My own home. My own private place. – Its like having my own independence. Standing on my own two feet. Being able to take care of myself on my own.

20. I am my self declared authority. I go wherever I want whenever I want. in whatever time I please. – I miss my social life.

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