What I do when I’m awfully bored.

  1. Think of other things that I can do.
  2. I read. – Good thing I bought a thick one.
  3. When my eyes are groggy already, I draw. (just like ironman)
  4. I drink water, or mix coffee.
  5. I pee.
  6. I text or call pot. J J
  7. I check my mail – in which I rarely have new mails nowadays since there is NOTHING to do.
  8. I check my zombie café.
  9. I listen to some nerve-wracking music.
  10. I glance if pusta’s doing anything. (I panic when he’s typing. And when I peek, he’s actually watching suits. Then I calm down)
  11. Then, I read, draw, drink, pee, text, mail all over again. How productive.

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