Showing Gratitude Day 1

Instead of stalking people and mindlessly hopping from 1 site to another, I decided to lessen my time on social networking sites.:) And, Instead of complaining, I’ll try to see the good things in my daily routine. This was actually last week. I’ll try to do this everyday. Things that I need to be thankful for. πŸ™‚

  1. After reporting here for 10 months, I now have my own lotus notes! – company email. I also have my own phone now. How useful will this be if I was to do another competitive scan! .;p
  2. I have not seen a single black ant on my table anymore. Hooray!
  3. Judeyy brought me stick – o. Thank youuu!
  4. Sir Jay – Head of Operations? Apporached me and told me that Ms. Melit – Big Boss, confirmed that if I ever a want a place at their department, their doors are widely open for me and I would have a spot. Yeyy.
  5. I was able to accomplish something for my mom today! – I offered a mass for her healing! J with judeyy.
  6. I wasn’t late even if I dropped my mom off in her office.
  7. I had a bountiful lunch at Sentosa with the Head of Legal and Corporate Banking. I finally found the perfect shrimp – just like the one I tasted in Singapore! Yeyyy! I have been dying to taste that again! I will bring Judeyy there! Hihi. Although he hates seafood – shrimp in particular. 😦

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