Our life is a result of all our choices.

What about you? What do you complain about?

I do not complain. Papa says complaining is an activity just like listening to the radio. One may choose not to turn on the radio, and one may choose to turn the radio on. One may choose to complain, and one may choose not to complain. I choose not to complain.

These are pretty rough conditions for anyone, never mind a girl your age. How can you not complain?

Our lives are fashioned by choices, Mr. Ponder. First, we make choices. Then our choices make us. Rough conditions? Yes. An ungrateful person may see this place as too small for eight people, a diet that is limited and portions that are too meager, not only three dresses fr two girls to share. But gratefulness is also a choice. I see an annex that hides eight people while others are being herded onto railway cars. I see food that is generously provided by miep. I see an extra dress for my sister and me while there are surely others who have nothing. I choose to be grateful. I choose not to complain.

Are you honestly telling me that you are always in a good mood?

Of course not silly, But if I ever find myself in a bad mood, I immediately make a choice to be happy. In fact, it is the first choice I make every day. I say it out loud in the mirror and laugh even when I am sad. And soon, I am happy, exactly as I have chosen to be.

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