Another day for a challenge.

Okay, Im the kind of person who doesn’t like change very much. When i’ve grown accustomed to such way, I need to keep it that way. But don’t get me wrong. I like trying out new things and eating new food. But when the management tells me that i won’t be in the head office for two months, that’s different.

Remember the program that i’m in? Well, it made me work or rather observe and work in a branch for two whole months.:( away from the head office. away from all the people i know. away from all my classmates i’ve grown to love, away from all the gossips, away from all the nice treatments given by employees since they know that we are MTP. 😦 away from all the noise and laughter and the gossips. away from the place where i can eat anytime i want and have lunch by 11:30 and go home at exactly 5:30 without being guilty. away from megamall and shang and san miguel.:(

This was during my first day at the branch.:l i got lost but i found my way anyway and I wasn’t even late. The people were nice unlike my first experience in the branch. The BM here was chitty-chatty and motherly like. and so was everyone else. But I’m not sure if they’ll last long. :l Had my lunch at 2 pm.:l It was so quiet and so boring. 😦

Til the next day.

I miss you, head office. Im gonna see this as an opportunity to learn. Goodluck to me!

Another day for a challenge.

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