scouting for heels.:l

scouting for heels.:l

Spent the day with my Mom and My sister. Was supposed to go out with my HS friends but, as always and expected, No one was answering and no one actually was ready to meet each other. Well, except me. But i was also lazy at that time so, Truce?:pp Hmm. Went to megamall because just like all the other ladies out there, we wanted to take advantage of the Shoe salee!! Both of them were disappointed. Count me in as well because I was dying to buy a nude-like-salmon colored heels!! .:(( Too bad there wasn’t. Any, spent our lunch eating at Brother’s Burger in Magallanes and Guess what? There was a cockroach on the table!! I tell you, Bad service. :l And, I was really actually shocked since I like them so much.:( But, Golden Spoon actually cheered me up after!! :))

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