You see that person?:)) She’s my fart! Yes, the awful smelling crap of air. I dont even remember how we settled to calling each other that. But anyway, that’s not important. That was so highschool. I have been dying to talk to her for some time now. She’s the kind of person that no matter how long you didn’t see each other, we’d still be able to talk like we used to and skip the awkward-ness you get when you meet with people from your past.:l We talked about the slutty bitch who stole her not-so-worth-it boyfriend who, by the way doesn’t have plans for his life and who plays basketball all day everyday. right? I don’t even want to start on how flirty he is. And not to mention, the slutty bitch only goes to his house at 3 in the morning and leaves at 5am. Boootttyyy Caaalll much? Hayy. Good thing my fart has someone to keep her mind off him./:l Spending time with her was a relief. I wish we’d do this more often. BTW, I hate how you’re going to leave me again after your training.:((

I love you more the most.
See you soon, Fart.

EVERYDAY: Dinner with Fart

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