Mom’s celebration.

Had an awful headache first thing in the morning! But I was forced to stand up since we have an appointment with the dentist! .:/ I dread going to the clinic. Although, I like going there to see my dentist. She’s so pretty. I am not in love with her. She’s like in her 30s already and has two kids. It just amazes me how she can be that pretty at her age and she dresses so well compared to moms her age when all they do is wear jeans and doesn’t put enough effort for their husbands. Anyway, my mom kept babbling about what will happen to my teeth when I don’t wear my retainers. :l ugh. Who would even want to wear one? It makes you drool and vomit.:/ Anyway, Went to Burgos Cricle at the fort after for our lunch. My mom and I will celebrate our birthday there. It was actually supposed to be my mom’s alone. But, I do not have the resources to host a lunch for all of us alone so I asked her if I can just pitch in. :DD Hahaha. perks of being the youngest! Just so you know, My mom had her 55th birthday last january 17th and I will be having my 21st on friday!.:/ Okay, Excited but I don’t really think that it will be a big deal.:l Ill tel you all about it some other time.

What did we eat? Ordered for dumpling soup and Shrimp soup for all of us. Had Good Earth Rice, Salt and Pepper Pork, Asian Noodles, Steamed shrimp, special chicken and appetizers. 🙂 Had Nata de coco for dessert and Tikoy in strawberyy sauce if i’, not mistaken. I will definitely recommend their asian noodles!.:))))))

Thank you fro the gifts!.:) 9Black pants, Gray tights, Purple shoes, MNG longsleeves,)                       And, Slept all day! well, all afternonn after.:) Hmm. I’m not actually in the mood right now to write about the birthday thing but i promise ill let you know. prolly tomorrow.:))

Any, Goodnight! I’m watching Scream 4. soooo, WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE SCARY MOVIE?:DDD

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