THOUGHTS: What I want for My Birthday

I am, in no way a brat. Okay? I am not the type who actually tells everyone what i want to receive on my special day. But, just for the sake of putting it out there.

1.  Polaroid 1000, which is an epic fail for i have never tried buying online and i cannot source it anywhere here in the philippines so my other choice, is the one on the left. instax mini pink from fujifilm.


2. DRESS. dress that I can wear to the office. dress that I can wear to church. dress I can wear to go on dinnerdates. dress that I can wear going to the mall. In short, I want to change my whole wardrobe! I want to have dresses that I can wear everyday; whether I like it or not.

3. Heels. For the longest time, I have been scouting for the perfect hmm. Now I’m not really sure of the shade that I love but, I’ll still try to describe it. I want a pinkish-salmonish-beige shade of heels that I can wear to work.

4. I want a battery for my laptop. Just so that you have an idea, my laptop shuts down every hour for the past year. Why? Because when I got this, I literally NEVER UNPLUGGED  my laptop until it became dependent on the socket and its charger of course. which sucks. because now it’s just like a smaller desktop.

5. An external drive. I’m a picture hoarder, series lover and a music junkie so you can only imagine how swell my laptop is right now. And I am pretty sure it’s about to crash anytime soon.:l So this is actually on my priority list. I’ll save after my birthday!

6. For the crooked HR where I work to back off.:l I have been nice to everyone, seriously. And I don’t know what her problem is. It pisses me off that I can’t do anything about it since she actually holds the path of my career. Err.

7. I want to have dinner with my friends everyday for the whole week in different restaurants! With my block mates, my HS barkada, my ABS Bayan Foundation family and mentors, with my two sets of bestfriends, my twins, my white dorm family and with my team. I miss all of them so much.:l I hope my birthday will be an excuse to see them.

8. I want to see my dude. I miss her so much and I just want to know how she is and catch up. I want to hug her and be comfortable again.

But, the most important thing here is. . .

For one of the senior officers to pull me out of the program and declare me as a JAM already and let me stay in the head office. :”( CRIES. 

I need hope & faith that god has a plan for me. . .

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